Wedding photography tips are needed especially when we know that a wedding day is among the most special in the lives of most people. It’s a day to share with loved ones and to remember for the rest of their lives.

To make sure your wedding photography goes smoothly and ends up with some great shots there are a few things that may help your photographer out.

1. Make a list

Ask the couple to create a list of photos they’d like, with specific people in them. For instance, they may have certain relatives and friends they’d like to have shots of.

2. Find a coordinator

Have somebody direct the guests for the photo shoot at the reception. They can help coordinate things and keep them moving when it’s time to take photos of specific people. This is one of the most important wedding photography tips.

3. Scout locations

Make sure you check out the locations you’ll be shooting from ahead of time. It’s a good idea to know exactly where to shoot from and you can take a few test shots.

4. Be prepared

Another important aspect of wedding photography tips is to be well prepared because things may go wrong on the big day.

Make sure you have a backup plan if the weather’s bad and be sure you have spare batteries and memory cards. It’s a good idea to attend the wedding rehearsal too. It’s also a good idea to take a spare camera along and have a different size lens on it.

5. Know what to deliver

Make sure you know what the couple is expecting when it comes to style and theme, etc. Ask how many photos they’d like to have and if they are interested in creating wedding photo albums for themselves and their family.

6. Remember the small details

Take shots of the fine details such as the wedding rings, shoes, dresses, table settings, flowers, and menus.

7. Have an assistant

You might want to get some help with an assistant photographer to make sure you can fully cover the wedding.

8- Be bold

Don’t be shy. When it comes to wedding photography tips, you need to keep in mind to be a bit bold and not afraid to take certain shots or ask people to pose for them to keep things moving.

9. Use diffused light

The light is quite low in a lot of churches, so if you can use diffused light or bounce a flash if it’s allowed, it will be a big help.

You can also use a flash diffuser as it will soften the light. If flash isn’t allowed, you’ll need a fast lens with a wide aperture and might have to boost the ISO setting.

10. Shoot in RAW

It’s a good idea to shoot in RAW mode as you can alter exposure and white balance afterwards. This point of the wedding photography tips has to remembered for sure.

11. Reception slide show

Digital photography allows you to show the photos immediately so it’s a good idea to create a slide show during the reception for guests to see.

12. Don’t delete

One of the most important wedding photography tips is that when taking wedding photos, don’t delete any of them as you go along as you might end up getting rid of some interesting shots.

You can always crop photos after wards and edit them on a digital program.

13. Change the perspective

Be creative and take a few wedding photography shots from different angles and heights, such as from above, below and at wide angles.

14. Take a group shot

If possible, try and get a group shot of all guests at once. This can usually be done from high above as you can capture everybody’s face in it.

15. Shoot everything

Last but not the least of wedding photography tips is that if anything should go wrong on the wedding day, take the photos as these could end up being some of the most memorable shots of the wedding and can add some fun to the collection.


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