Although participating at a wedding is fun for the majority of people, it might become stressful for even the most experienced photographers. The right wedding photography techniques will ensure that everything will go smoothly on the big day and there will be no stressed people.

Wedding Photography Techniques

Get Ready

One of the best things to do is to get to the house of the bride early to see what preparation stage she’s at. If she’s close to being ready, take a few shots of her getting applying makeup. For this you could use the reflection of a mirror. You can capture the special moments by focusing on the details.

Extra Photos

Regarding the wedding photography ideas you should consider taking some shots of the bride having her hair done and it is best to take some items that you want shots of out of the dressing room so that you won’t stand in the way of the bride. Think of items like the shoes of the bride, the rings, or the flowers.

The Arrival

A photographer always has to be early; as one of the wedding photography techniques, you will have to make sure that you get to the church even before the bride does. Use this time to take shots of the wedding party. Think of incidental images and make sure that you capture the moment when the bride arrives.

The Ceremony

The most important part of the wedding is the ceremony, so this is something to focus on regarding the ideas for wedding photography. During the ceremony there are no second chances so it is very important to be in control of your camera. Besides the bride and the groom you could also take shots of the wedding party.

Leaving the Church

Before the couple heads out of the church you should check the settings of your camera as one of the wedding photography techniques. It is best to ask the couple to stop in the doorway and to kiss. This will give you the possibility of some great shots. Also use this time to take some documentary shots.

The Bride and The Groom

As one of the tips for wedding photography, you should always have a plan. ‘Kidnap’ the couple for a short while to take some pics of only the two of them. Have everything you need with you like an umbrella, a bottle of champagne and champagne glasses. Take a series of pictures showing their love using different wedding photography techniques.

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