Aside from your rings, your wedding photos will outlast all the other tangible memories of your wedding day. Old daguerreotypes and sepia-toned prints from bygone weddings take pride of place in family photo albums, giving great-grandkids a glimpse of when their ancestors were a happy young couple themselves. Your own wedding photo albums could become a future generation’s family heirlooms, so make the most of them.

Wedding Photo Album: 4 Useful Tips

1. Stick to the Classics

Part of the charm of vintage wedding photos is their sense of place and time. Intricate Victorian lace on the bride’s veil or dramatic 1920s-era kohl-rimmed eyes give you an idea of when the wedding happened without needing to look at the back of the photo for a date.

Other brides opted for the latest fads in their hair and makeup. A towering beehive hairdo, white lipstick and inch-long false eyelashes epitomized late 1960s style, but the look didn’t flatter everyone. While all brides look gorgeous on their wedding day, the ones who paid more attention to fashion than fads look just as beautiful a year, a decade or a century later. Choose a hair and makeup that flatters you, not what magazines suggest you should wear.

2. Sparkle Strategically

Use shimmering makeup sparingly for photographs. The light from flash photography can hit shimmer particles strangely, giving you a wet shine rather than a subtle dewy glow. Confine sparkle to a few carefully chosen spots: the center of your lower lip, the inner corner of your eyelids, the outermost edge of your cheekbones and depending on the shape of your eyes, just below your brows. You’ll have enough sparkle on your wedding day that you won’t need much help from cosmetics.

3. Consider a Smaller Bouquet

Flowers photograph beautifully in a close-up, but a large and busy bouquet will take attention away from your lovely face and dress. If your bouquet is a dramatic cascade of colorful flowers, ask the photographer to take a few shots with your bouquet and a few with a single lily or rose. You’ll have a photographic record of your magnificent bouquet, but you’ll also have unobstructed views of your equally magnificent gown.

4. Know Your Best Poses

The biggest difference between a handful of pretty good wedding pictures and wedding photo albums so gorgeous that you still want to show them off years after the ceremony is posing. Celebrities always know how to hit their mark, stand at the most flattering angle and smile just enough. They aren’t born knowing these tricks, though; they practice. Run through some practice sessions yourself with a friend as your photographer. You’ll soon discover your best angles and can strike a pose like a model on your wedding day.


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