You may have heard that vintage is the new modern so it is no wonder that you may be looking forvintage wedding photography ideas. There is a lot that you could know about this topic and there are a lot of tips that might help you get the shots that you are dreaming about.


Be Selective

Although you want all the photos to have that special feel, you have to remember that not all photos support this kind of treatment. If you want it all, you may overdo it and the result may turn out to be gimmicky. It is a better idea to be selective and treat only the photos you think are suitable.


In case you are looking for photography ideas for vintage wedding you may be asking how you can know which photos are suitable. Keep an eye out for anything with a vintage feel. People usually like to have portraits of themselves edited in a vintage manner.

When it comes to the vintage wedding photography ideas, you ought to know that the photos with warm colors are easy to edit and it is best for them to have flare or sunbeams. On the other hand, if you have dark photos, vintage editing may add some light to them, resulting in the perfect pictures.

Get the Look

The photographers looking for vintage wedding photography tips are supposed to know that there are different kinds of software that they can use. These all offer different results based on the original photo. This is something that you should experiment with to find the best settings.

Be Retrospective

If you are interested in vintage wedding photography ideas, you should be prepared for the fact that photographers don’t really know what’s wrong and what’s not when they are shooting. This is why they should take a look at their photos and take notes of what worked and what didn’t.

Don’t Forget the Originals

As it has been mentioned in the previous photography tip for vintage weddings, things could go wrong so it is of major importance to keep the original photos as well. It is possible that the couple will love the vintage photos after the wedding, but the trends might change with time.

Make sure to experiment with the vintage wedding photography ideas to know what works for you.

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