A wedding dress and a swimming pool? The majority of the brides would think about a reception organized near a pool, but there are some really talented people who could make more of this idea.

You might have heard about Jonathan Ryan, who is one of the most well known photographers of our days.

He lives in the southern part of England and he is best known for the underwater bridal pictures and portraits that he makes. The idea that he came up with is a really innovative one.

Just imagine a beautiful wedding dress in weightless circumstances, flowing in water. This is a sight that no one could ever forget or reproduce.

Naturally it isn’t that simple to create the right circumstances. It takes a lot of planning, and most importantly, he needs really good equipment to make all this become reality.

It is said that he uses a Nikon D3S, Nikon SB-800 and Ewa-Marine Underwater Housing for the shots.

The whole process is more than just walking around in a sunny day and taking some pictures. This is why usually after shooting he gets really tired. Of course, the shootings take hours, even in case he has a really good model to work with.

At some point he has asked one the most outstanding bridal wear company to offer a dress for the shooting. At first the company feared that the water would ruin the dress.

After the photos have been taken the company realized that it was worth it even if the dress was useless afterwards, because the pictures were phenomenal.

This kind of photography gives a whole new meaning to bridal pictures, and it might become something that makes every bride think about the possibilities that she has.

Naturally the chances are very small that you would get the chance to take such photos with your every day camera.


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