While a lot of people may have experience regarding wedding photography, there are quite few photographers who participated at same gender weddings and who know what they are all about. They can give you some tips on how to capture the most important moments.

No Difference

Don’t forget that it’s still about two people who love each other. This means that this job isn’t any different from the other jobs that you had. If you don’t think that you can do your best at the wedding, you should let another photographer take your place who can.

The Groove

If you are a person who becomes nervous around people who express their affection and love, it might be awkward for you to take photos at a wedding. However, you have to find a way to handle these problems and to use them to add a unique touch to your photos.


The photographer has to be aware of the importance that his job has. Also keep in mind that the same sex wedding are usually more emotional especially because the couple never thought that at a moment they will have the possibility to get married.


In order to be able to take the best shots, you should know about all the small details of the wedding. If there is a guest who said that they won’t come and they do show up, it is a moment that you have to make sure you capture. It is a good idea to be prepared in time for such special moments.

Educate Yourself

While same sex weddings are supposed to be just like regular weddings, there might be some special aspects. This is something that you should do some research about. It is a known fact that at such weddings other kinds of emotions are present both in case of the couple and in case of the guests.

No Worries

It is common for the photographers to be afraid of saying something offensive or doing something stupid. You shouldn’t worry about such problems; if you aren’t stressed, the chances of something going wrong will decrease considerably.

Even though these tips may seem too general to you, you have to remember that they represent the basis of the work of a good photographer. The main point is to remember that a same sex wedding is just like any other wedding.

photo credit: (http://digital-photography-school.com)


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