Wedding photographer is different from other photographers and needs separate training to yield success. Even expert wedding photographers are once amateur photographers and might have struggled to master in wedding photography. Nothing comes to you easily; you need to follow some basic requirements and tips to master the wedding photography.

amateur wedding photographer

Even photographers who have lot of experience in other photographies cannot click pictures, which are pleasing. A wedding photographer must have creativity and attentiveness towards the atmosphere. By following certain tips, even an amateur photographer can yield impressive pictures with full of life.

Remember one thing before starting to click images; you may get many wedding contracts and many wedding assignments, but the couple has only one wedding and you should not spoil their wedding by clicking unnecessary shots. You should be able to capture the real essence in the pictures.

Tips for amateur wedding photographer:

Have fun: Enjoy the work you are doing, then only you can click beautiful pictures with life in them. Try to enjoy the marriage and take pictures which are interesting to you in spectator view. Wedding is after all enjoyment and you should also fill the enjoyment in the pictures and make the pictures full of life. The couple must feel the originality and enjoyment in the pictures even after years.

Ask the couple: Every couple has their own ideology of photos, so ask them in what way they want their photos to be. You often get different ideas by asking the couples and they also get satisfied because of your work which is near to the couple ideology. Make a short list of what the couple is expecting from you. Ask the couple whom they should cover and who are their close relatives. Making small list of family members can minimize the tension of missing some one in the family photos.

Know about the location: Shooting great photos in new place is often difficult. So, know the wedding location and visit the wedding location once before the wedding day. Knowing about the location makes you understand about the different angles. When you know different angles, you will understand which photo looks great from one particular location.

Add details in the pictures: Wedding photos not only mean the couple and people, you can also include different wedding items to bring life in the pictures. Many tend to click the people’s pictures and think that the work is done. But, small wedding memories also bring elegance to the wedding ceremony pictures and add beauty to the wedding album. Memories of pictures like wedding place decorations, wedding apparels, wedding rings, etc add up as an extra benefit to the wedding album and preserve the memories for years.

Background: Every beautiful photograph needs beautiful backgrounds. Choosing a proper background is challenging, so you should adjust your camera settings according to the background if you do not have a proper background. If you cannot adjust the background make your own background and get great shots.

Editing: The main drawback with the digital cameras is we delete the shots which are not nice or if there is a shake in the pictures. Stop doing this, as some images can be edited and altered for great pictures. The image may not be interesting when you click, but by adding some editing techniques while processing, you can convert them into interesting pictures.


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