Many professional photographers would consider making a wedding photo checklist a waste of time.

Although making one, is not looking into technical details that all photographers very well do, but keeping in mind that such a list may save you a lot of trouble during the day you are hired to be able to capture the best moments of two people involved.

Here is help for the essential wedding photo checklist:

  1. When making a list, it is important to talk to the bride and groom, and see what they want you to be focused on.Keep in mind that knowing what they want will save you the frustration of not having captured the favorite aunt of the bride or the wedding centerpiece the couple wants to remember.
  2. Pick a family member to assist you for the group shots. You will be surprised how hard it is to coordinate with people on these occasions especially because they are a bit light-headed thanks to the cheerful mood.
  3. Look for the best spot to shoot the portraits a day before the ceremony so you will have an idea about the light and the camera settings you will have to use.
  4. Be prepared for the worst, for no matter how thorough you are, there are some things that even the best photographer can’t avoid… such as…weather.Having a wedding photo checklist is one thing and being able to deal with unexpected problems is another. Keep a set of spare batteries where they can’t get wet and be prepared for an unexpected “shower”.
  5. Make sure that the couple knows your style and your way of approaching the wedding shots so while making the wedding photo checklist consult them about your strategy.
  6. Introduce in your wedding photo checklist a note to shoot the details. The wedding dress, the restaurant setting, the flower arrangements, the bride’s garter, the wedding rings, the first kiss of the married couple are a few “musts” you must not miss.
  7. Use two cameras for the photo shoot. The spare is meant to be there in case of your camera malfunctions or quits on your without warning, so be prepared.
  8. Make sure you note in your wedding photo checklist to use an assistant. You will be surprised how many would want to give you a hand and learn from you and you could use their help to manipulate the gear you carry to the event.
  9. Be sure you can master the “crowd”. People will come in the way of you getting the best shots so you must know how to stop them from ruining the pictures. Be polite but also determined when you talk to them.
  10. Expect the unexpected. The best way is to prevent future photo editing and make the RAW pictures your best. Do not use full flash but go for a lighter version in order to get a smoother photo light.Make sure you are paying attention because the events can offer you the chance for the best shot when you least expect it.

And now that you have a wedding photo checklist, you can embark on a journey of capturing the best moments of the bride and groom and make them happy for the rest of their lives.


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