If you’ve been invited to a wedding it’s a good opportunity to practice your photography skills. If you’re going to be attending anyway, why not take your camera along and get in a few hundred shots while you’re there?

As well as being a good opportunity to practice, you can also add the photos to your portfolio for exposure and you could also present the happily married couple with the images as a gift, especially if they’re pretty creative.

The best way to do this is to make a plan and figure out where you’re going to be shooting from and what type of photos you’d like to take.

You have a lot of freedom here because the couple will also have an official photographer taking photos. This means you can let your imagination run a little wild.

Practicing Your Photography Skills at Weddings

Scouting out the wedding venue and the location of after-wedding shots and the reception area is definitely a good idea. This will help you prepare for the event as you’ll have a feel for the lighting conditions.

You can ask the couple if you can be seated near the front at both the ceremony and reception to get some images without the need of a zoom lens.

When it comes to the reception, it’s a good idea to be one of the first to arrive and take photos of people as they enter. When the lights do down later on, you could use a low-light zoom lens to take photos from your table.

Make sure you place your camera in a safe place if you plan on enjoying the part after you’ve taken your shots. Just because you’re taking shots of the wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself too.

Of course, if you have a date for the wedding, you may want to let them know that you plan on taking photos during the day and part of the night. However, you can still get the shots you need and enjoy the company of your date at the same time.


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