Photography in a wedding event is bound to be special; and wedding cake happens to be the integral part of the celebration. There are some tips and tricks to catch the best shots of this wedding cake.

Photographing those gorgeously decorated tiered cakes is actually easy but making the photographs look candid with various angels of the cake and the couple cutting the cake can be made near to perfect once you get through the tips given below. If you are a beginner, you might wonder why your photographs are not as beautiful and warm as the ones you see in the magazines. Well, here are a few tips that will help you to get that photo finish.

photograph wedding cakePhotographing Wedding Cakes

  • Accept the fact that you can take the best type of photographs even with a simple digital camera or a camera phone. But if you do have a DSLR then that is really good news.
  • Once you have decided which camera you will use to take the cake pictures read the manual of the camera. This will give you an idea about the various settings available.
  • When the cake is available for photography, make sure that you get some time alone without the wedding guests to study the cake and to realize the various angles that you can utilize to shoot the cake. You can even take a few dummy shots for test.
  • Now get to work! Find out a place where there is natural light. Try and place the cake near that source of light and take a few pictures.
  • If you need more light then use a light reflector. That will increase the light bounce all over the cake and will give it a warm overtone. But do not use the flash. This is just a sudden burst of life that will ruin the beauty of the cake.
  • Make sure that there is no clutter behind the cake when you shoot it. You do not want people, cutlery or other items in the backdrop of the cake. That will make the cake look like junk.
  • You can also take some photographs from the top, some from the side and some from various angles. Use the height and the depth of the cake to your advantage.
  • Once the newly-weds have cut the cake, try and take a shot. That cake with just one slice removed will look even more delicious. You can also place one large cake slice on a lovely serving plate with a shiny silver fork and take that winning shot.
  • If the cake has a lot of detailing on its top, take a bird’s eye view of it.

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