All couples wish to have perfect pictures of their wedding, and so they wish to hire true professionals that have great night wedding photography ideas. Keep in mind that during a wedding there are no do-overs, so it is important not to miss the big moments.

Night Wedding Photography Ideas

Early Shots

In many cases the couples choose to have the outdoor photos even before the reception starts so that they won’t be late. If the couple is getting married at the evening, this is a good option for them so that there will be optimal lighting. Dusk is a great time to take romantic photos.

The Available Light

In case you are looking for tips for night wedding photography, one of the things you could do is to use the street lights near the venue. It is a good idea to ask the couple to wrap the trees ear the venue with twinkle lights. They will give a romantic setting for the reception and they will be a great source of light for the photos.

Lights and Screens

When it comes to night wedding photography ideas, it is a must for you to bring you own screens and lights as well. You can use them to add light to a setting or to diffuse light from another source. Reflectors can turn out to be really useful if there is some unattractive light in the setting.

Black and White

The photographers looking for night wedding photography tips ought to know that if they have a lighting problem, they could shoot black and white pictures. This way the light will turn out softer. However, this is something that you should discuss with the couple.

Back Light

One of the most creative night wedding photography ideas is to have a light source behind the couple. You can use you own reflector, but you have to make sure that the groom and the bride are close enough so that the reflector won’t be visible.


Practice makes perfect; this is something to remember regarding the tricks for night wedding photography as well. You have to know what your flash and camera are capable of. You should ask some people to stand where the bride and groom will be standing to know what to expect.

There are many night wedding photography ideas to use; you just have to get creative and great ideas will come to you.


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