If you are someone who is soon going to shoot or photograph a wedding, then you must know that this can be one of the most challenging shoots. During these types of shoot, there is too much events happening at the same time and moreover the light conditions vary within the venue. Thus wedding photographers must be equipped with certain must have equipments or photography gear to get the best shots. The following is a list of the essential equipments for wedding photography.

must to have equipments for wedding photography


This is the most important and obvious item that you will need for clicking a wedding.  It is important to have high quality, low shake DSLRs which perform well in low light conditions. They must be sturdy and should have good auto focusing systems as well. It is best to carry atleast 2 cameras because there must always be a backup camera for something as important as a wedding photography assignment.


Besides the camera’s kit lens, you will also need a high zoom lens, a telephoto lens and a lens with a focal length of 50. These are the basic essential ones but some photographers tend to carry all the lenses that they have to meet any kind of situational requirement. You may need to be quick to change lenses so keep them close by.


There is no end to the photography accessories that one can have for a wedding photography but there are some which are absolutely essential. It is very important to have one or two sturdy and flexible tripod stands, a video light, a flash light, a flash battery pack, flash diffuser, memory cards, camera bags, lens pens, spare batteries and shoot sac. Some others which you can sneak into your camera bag include a rocket blower, a sensorklear pen and a microfiber towel.

Make sure that the memory cards that you carry are empty and have enough storage space. Always pack all the accessories in waterproof bags to ensure that they don’t get damaged due to pills etc. Using an external flash can prove to be a lifesaver when you need to get a shot and it is very dark outside. Besides the tripod stand, you may also need to carry light stands and shoot through umbrellas which especially prove useful for clicking the portraits of the bride and groom as well as the family members.

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