When Jim was attending the Art school, he had a bit of an argument with one of his teachers on the topic of what kind of film would be proper for a wedding photo. The teacher asked him then why in the world would he want to shoot a wedding, for weddings are the most common things a photographer should capture.

Many photographers probably were in the same position as Jim Garner. When Jim became a professional photographer working for Seattle.com, taking wedding pictures, he was already detached from his newspaper job. In 1999 he and his wife, Katarina – the person who stood by him through his daring challenge, became interested in wedding photography.


It took him 10 years to make a name in Seattle, being famous for the photographic albums which were telling stories quite differently than his competition. An example would be the way Jim Garner started a wedding tale filled with important events. This way opening the champagne, the limo story and the church ceremony ending became significant moments captured to compliment the couple’s memories.

In 2007, Jim Garner won the award for the album of the year offered by the WPPI association and this brought to his portfolio the shots of high society brides and grooms. His genius became trendy and remained that way.

Jim’s approach gets in touch with several elements. Specific for him is an editorial style with a sense of fashion, a distinctive appeal for color and texture and a relaxing attitude mixed with a passion for capturing the best in every moment.

The post processing made Jim Garner be even more original. His work is placed in an artistic book-like presentation focused of the details that made the wedding unique.

For Jim, the brides are a source of light, a smile that tells a story. The grooms are more than men in love shadowed by their amazing halves. The art of his photography focuses on capturing the many nuances of their love.

The art of Jim Garner is about understanding why the two have come together and sending the message of their happiest moment the way they would want to remember it after many years.

What makes Jim Garner different from the other wedding photographs? His daring mission is of not staying into the patterns. Whether it is vintage, classy, retro or pop, the style he uses in the wedding photos is simply more than capturing happy moments.

Jim does not capture happiness, he captures…life.


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