Pre wedding shoot is indeed an exciting venture for couples who are about to get married. Pre wedding shoot is like a collage of the life before marriage. It consists of pictures that portray you and your partner in different mood and location. The best part about it is that it gives you a constant reminder of how you met or what you did or that first of what you did everything kind of feeling.

Fashion photographers or wedding photographers take candid snaps with the help of the stylists that can help you create a memorable pre wedding shoot album. However, location plays a very important part in the shoot as it can actually make your picture more intense and sensational. Thus, choosing the correct location is essential.

ideal places for pre wedding shoot

Places those are Perfect for a Pre Wedding Shoot:

Both indoor and outdoor locations can be strategically used to perfect a pre wedding shoot. Places which have a story or character of its own are best for this purpose. Below given is a list of the ideal places for the shoot

A Romantic Beach

A romantic beach or naked rocks on the sea shore is a tempting spot for a perfect click. You should choose a spot where the surroundings are also clearly visible.

A Far off Cottage on a Hilltop

You must have seen the beautiful cottages portrayed in movies are an all-time hit for viewers. You can try to opt for an edgy looking cottage which is pearly white for that smooth and tranquil look.

A Recreation Park

The recreation park is an all-in-one place for your pre wedding shoot. You can choose locations which will add different characters to your photos. You can use the water bodies or trees or statues there for capturing the best view.

A Coffee Shop

For the most casual and candid snap you may choose a coffee shop.

A Historic Location

If you choose a historic location it adds depth to your picture. It has a beautiful way of capturing the architect and heritage in your picture.

A Random Stall on the Roadside

Road side golgappa or tea stall are also interesting spots.

Simply with Nature

Add a bit of nature to your snaps as you are a part of nature too. Try posing with a rustic bouquet of flowers or simply tuck in some random flower in your hair to make it shiny.

In your Personal Space

Its time to use your room, balcony and its belongings that give the pictures a sense of who it belongs to by adding personality.

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