There are several elements that make up contemporary wedding photography, but creativity should be one of the main ones. However, it’s important that the wedding photographer and the couple are on the same page when it comes to the type of photos expected.

This is why it’s very important to meet with the photographer so everything is fully understood before the wedding. You can also suggest innovative and exciting locations where you want photos to be taken and what types of poses.

Some people compare contemporary wedding photography to fine dining as it features delicate flavours and nothing too exaggerated. But like fine dining, the main component is the ingredients.

Few Ideas For Beautiful Contemporary Wedding Photography

In contemporary wedding photography these are lighting, composition, lens choice, and preparation.

Lighting is basically the most prominent part of the image as it will make or break a shot.

The lighting has to be suitable for the situation. If you know how to evaluate and observe light you should be able to take good shots in just about any type of lighting conditions.

Composition also has to be considered and if you understand how to illustrate positive and negative space you should be able to get some good shots, You can always crop photos afterwards too, so it’s a good idea not to delete any of them until they can all be viewed by the bride and groom as they might be able to find a fresh perspective in the photos.

Make sure you have the appropriate lenses for taking wedding photos. The subjects should fill the frame. If there’s no flash allowed, you may need to use a pretty fast lens if the lighting is low.

Keep your eye out for people’s expressions and emotions as they can make some great shots. You may be able to anticipate some good times to shoot the couple if you attend the wedding rehearsal.

When it comes to the reception, take some candid shots of people enjoying themselves and having fun. After all, a wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion, so you don’t want to end up with dozens of dark shots of sombre people.

Contemporary wedding photography can open the doors to creativity and the best time to try it out would be the reception. Make sure there’s a list of people and/or instances that need to be photographed so nobody is left out. If you take the photographs that are expected of you, there will then be ample opportunity to experiment a little.


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