Wedding photos are very important in the lives of people and so you, as a photographer, should know about the different styles of photography for weddings. Before you start shooting you should talk to the couple to make sure that you will deliver what they wish for.



Just as you may have thought, this style features a conservative and formal approach. Normally the images are posed and there is need for quite some intervention from the photographer’s part. In this case the photographer will have to work with a timeline because the shots have to be taken at specific moments.

In case you are interested in the various kinds of wedding photography you have to prepare for the fact that you will have to act as a movie director, telling people what to do. Although you might think that this style is outdated, the older generations usually prefer this one over the more modern ones.



When it comes to the different styles of photography for weddings keep in mind that in this case the setting of the photos is more informal and both the subjects and the photographer can be more relaxed. As a result the subjects have more spontaneity and the photos will be able to capture the fun side of the wedding.

The photographers looking for various wedding photography kinds should know that in this case the photographer doesn’t have to intervene that much and he or she will be able to make unique shots. It is up for the photographer to suggest the perfect setting of the photos.

Documentary Style


The different styles of photography for weddings also include this style which needs to have the photographer in the background, documenting the events of the day. There is no need for posing, so couples usually prefer this style because they have more freedom of movement.

Artistic Styles


Just as the name suggests, in this case of the different wedding photo styles the photographer has total freedom regarding the photos. It is possible that the photographer will need a lot of interventions but he or she may have none as well. This is the way to go for stunning wedding photos.

While some couples don’t really think about the different styles of photography for weddings, it is up to the photographers to offer them the possibility to personalize the memories they will have of their big day.


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