lensUsing the wrong lens when shooting your photo may distort the true picture.

Take for instance, if you put on a wide-angled lens and take your photo from a close up distance, the image looks larger than anything that surrounds it. So the right lenses are important when taking photos.

This will not work well if the bride’s facial attributes are distorted.

These are the photos that are going to be shown to the children and their great grand children by the way. So the output is an important aspect. Hence the emphasis on the right lens on wedding photography.

To capture none exaggerated pictures, you have to stand a few meters away from the targeted object. You will then need a lens that has an adequate magnification to allow for that distance away from object.

If you want to shoot pictures for the cake and rings, you need to get a Nikon 105mm f/2.8. This lens enables you to take close up pictures.

A 200mm lens is important if you are at a great distance from the targeted object, for example, if you are going to be shooting pictures from a distance.

However, because different lenses are needed for different scenarios and angles, carrying the entire different lenses is not realistic. You need to take one that can cater for both, thus for wedding photography, lenses that cater for 25-80mm focal length range.

Get a good telephoto lens with a wide aperture. They are good for taking photos from a distance and add that blurry background. A blurry background helps highlight the newlyweds and blur anything or anyone else.

It’s just creative lenses that will be good for your wedding photos. You can skip it and get the standard wedding. Try the 14-24mm and the 12-24mm lenses for the effect.

A fish-eye lens enables you to take your pictures and produce beautiful special effects at the wedding. It is not often used by most photographers because it will only be used at a specific angle and for a particular scenario.

An evening wedding is usually characterized by dim lights and a classic décor. The 16mm lens is ideal for a dim light scenario. Let your photographs tell an interesting story about a lovely wedding. Someone not present at the wedding should just get excited by merely taking a peek at the photos.

Play around with the right lenses in appropriate wedding setting. See how important it is to have the basic knowledge for lenses.


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