Pre wedding photography and photo shoots are increasingly becoming popular and more couples are adopting this idea to capture the memories of their courtship days. Pre wedding couple shoots are no more limited to studio shoots but have become more candid in nature and are being shot outdoors.

A pre wedding shoot can be made a lot of fun and effective with some creative tips and ideas. Thus for your help, we have compiled a few superb pre wedding shoot ideas which you too can try during your photo shoot session:

amazing pre wedding shoot ideasBring in Some Color

The popular Holi festival can be used as an inspiration for a pre wedding couple photo shoot. You can toss in some color during your photo shoot as this can bring about a lot of fun, creativity, uniqueness and ofcourse a lot of color to your shots.

Go Glamorous

If you wish to avoid trying out boring pre wedding photo shoot ideas then you can try something different by going a little glamorous. You can put on some glamorous clothes, choose a lovely indoor location such as a hotel lobby and make your photos look absolutely stunning.

Go Outdoors

There is ofcourse nothing new about going outdoors for a photo shoot but there are endless things that you can try to make your photo shoot different from that of others. For example, pick the location where you both fell in love and base your photo shoot around that area. You can also pick a quiet picnic spot and decorate it lightly for superb results. You can go for a bohemian theme as well for a beautiful effect.

Do your Favorite Activity

Choose any activity that you both love doing together or enjoy such as watching a sport, playing a sport, listening to music or simply taking a walk in the park and frame this activity in your pre wedding couple photo shoot. If you both love watching a sport, then wear on the jerseys of your favorite team and head to the sport stadium in your city.

Recreate your Favorite Moments

Try to capture your favorite moments or special times spent with one another in your pre wedding couple shoot. For example, recreate the background where he first proposed to you and ask the photographer to capture it. This could be a great way to rekindle the romance and let your most natural emotions be captured.

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