Photography is a digital art, which can express emotions. And when it comes to emotions, women are the best.

Therefore the women’s photography is a lot more expressive than man’s photography and differs a lot from ordinary photography.  According to a recent research on the subject, women’s photography possesses more “white matter” than men’s.

Another significant part of women’s photography is the contrast between shade and light. The contrast is also a leading theme in women’s photography.


Usually women like to take images in black and white shade. The retro photography is also among the favorites of women. It is proven that women really have a different vision.

Another thing which is very common for women photographer is her objects. Usually those are people and personal photography. Women also like to take pictures that include children.

The so called family portraits are usually made by women. Another typical thing is the collages. The favorite topics of women photographers are those involving identity, youth and of course, love. Technically, women’s photography is as good as men’s photography. The difference is that women are more likely to edit their images and spend more time on the Photoshop programs.


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