When it comes to nude photography, you need to keep your mind firmly out of the gutter. Nude photography isn’t what you find in x-rated magazines, it’s actually an art form, and a very popular one with people all around the world.

However, before you dive into nude photography it’s always a good idea to know what type of photos you want to take. When it comes to an art form like this, everybody has their opinion of what’s art and what isn’t.

Some people see nude photos as things of beauty, while others view them as nothing more than lewd.

But you must remember when it comes to nude photography you’re taking the photos to please yourself and the subject. Most people don’t really take them to share with the rest of the world.

Of course, there are some excellent books on the topic, but most photographers take the photos for personal reasons only.

The only thing you really have to worry about then shooting nudes is that you’re not bothering anybody, invading their privacy, or breaking any laws. If you plan on taking them in public places such as deserted beaches, make sure there’s nobody around as they may find it offensive. Try to find a private or remote location if at all possible.

Nude photography allows the photographer and subject to experiment as there are many ways to photograph nudes. It’s always exciting to try new and fresh ideas and something different or of the wall when it comes to photography and this is one area where you can definitely do this.

This will give you an opportunity to try black and white along with various colors, shapes, backgrounds, textures, lighting, forms, and props.

It will also allow you to try out different locations and poses. You might also be interested in photographing just one or two specific areas of the body, such as torso, legs, or hands, etc.

If you’re using a model in your nude photography ventures, make sure you take them into consideration. Be aware of the elements and weather conditions if you’re shooting outdoors.

You don’t want to have a sweating or freezing nude model on your hands.

One type of nude photography that’s becoming quite poplar all over the world is underwater photography. This can be attempted if you have the right type of camera equipment.

You don’t need any special equipment for land photography, but make sure you’re well prepared as your model may have second thoughts about posing if you need to take off to the store for half an hour to pick up a memory card or battery.

Photo Credit: allanrye


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