Are you fond of traveling to exotic places? How about rubbing elbows with famous models and celebrities? Would you like to get expensively paid and be known all over? Then, you have to be a fashion photographer!

A lot of people are getting interested to pursuing a fashion photographer career. Why? Because it offers a lot of perks. Good pay, better opportunities, glamour and wider exposures, name it, a fashion photographer has it. Hey, before you get there, get to know more about this rising career choice.

Fashion photography demands creativity

A fashion photographer takes on the responsibilities of conceptualizing photo shoots for jewelries, accessories, dresses and shoots worn by models.

You have to produce photo concepts that stand out. Not only that, but in your lens lie the success of these products. Wow, wouldn’t it be great to see your talents shine through in billboards, internet and magazines?

Fashion photography requires skills

You do not go to a formal school to become a photographer. Skills are learned by doing apprenticeships from a professional fashion photographer. In so doing, one will be able to translate his creative concepts into pictures.

Through apprenticeship and volunteerism, an aspiring fashion photographer will learn the very basic of the craft from lighting to composition and all the basic trends in such field. Simply stated, put on more work on those long extra hours.

Although no formal schooling is required, an impressive portfolio and cutting edge technical photographic skills must be highlighted by the fashion photographer for his work to be recognized.

Fashion photography is commitment

For a fashion photographer, any day is a working day. Any time is a shooting time. An excellent pose cannot be achieved in just a single click.

An ideal lighting cannot be perfected overnight. Good rapport with stylists, models and clients cannot be established in a single shoot. For a fashion photographer to stay in the business, this is what commitment is all about.

Fashion photography embodies hard work

Being a fashion photographer is no joke. One has to have a keen eye for details and must require the basic and complex knowledge in photo editing. He must also possess good communication skills.

Remember, that as a fashion photographer, you will be dealing with your demanding clients, professional models, art directors and agents. Excellent interpersonal skills will do the trick. These are skills that you acquire over the years.

Fashion photography is a continuing process

To remain competitive in the market, a fashion photographer must keep himself abreast of the latest trends in photography. He must be updated and can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the business.

Job outlook

Statistics shows that employment in this field is expected to grow by more than 10% in the next three years. Just like any other rising careers, the competition will be cut throat.

Do not despair though. A fashion photographer can always put up his very own studio. But then again, having the right attitude coupled with an excellent portfolio will land you the job. Lights…camera….click!



  1. Im a budding photographer who is looking to find a career in this industry. You have given me lots of food for thought here thank you 🙂

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