kirlian photographyAs deep as you go into photography, you learn new patterns and techniques.

Photography is always interesting field, as it shows different variations.

There are different types of photography. One such type is Kirlian photography.

A technique combined with photography yields Kirlian photography.

What is Kirlian photography?

This photography refers to a form of photogram (photographic image like shadow) made with high voltage.

It is a high voltage contact photo printing. Kirlian photography was named after semyon davidovich kirlian.

Invention of Kirlian photography: The invention of Kirlian photography was done by mistake. In 1939, during the experiment on electro photography, Kirlian discovered that when an object on photographic plate is connected to a high voltage, small corona discharges are created around the object.

Hence, it yields the image of the object on the photographic plate. This image looks like a colored coronal discharge, but in actual terms these coronations are physical manifestations of the “life forces” around the object.

In real sense, the images are formed due to the natural occurrence such as electrical grounding, pressure, temperature and humidity. Changes in these phenomena can produce different kirlian photos.

The scientific explanation of Kirlian photography is “living things have moisture and when electricity passes through the objects it produces an area of gas ionization around the object. The moisture in the living things is transferred on to the photographic plate yielding Kirlian photos.”

Creation of Kirlian photos:

Kirlian photography does not involve lens or camera to click the photographs. The process involved in clicking Kirlian photographs is simple. The Kirlian photography process requires alternating current with high voltage and high frequency.

A sheet film (film that contains negative) is placed on the metal plate, known as film plate or discharge plate. Keep the subject you would like to photograph on the insulated discharge plate. Your subject can be of any form: a nonliving thing coin to a living thing leaf, to yield photos. Then a high voltage is applied to the plate to make an exposure.

The corona discharge between the object and the discharge plate passes onto the film and gets recorded on the film. Further, when the process is over and the film is developed, you get Kirlian photos.

How Kirlian photography helps in medical use?

Commonly, photography does not have any benefits; it’s just an eye candy. But Kirlian photography has proven to have some therapeutic use. This is recognized in medical field as a diagnostic tool.

Kirlian photography believes that all earthy objects have auras that represent body’s energy fields and life forces. The organs of the human body are photographed in Kirlian method to get the clue of the patient’s health. The more auras around the object reveal the health status of the person.

Kirlian practitioner can reveal the emotional, physiological and psychological conditions of the person. The reliability of diagnosing illness by Kirlian photography is not very high.

Kirlian photography is contact photography. The object you want to photograph should have contact with the film directly. You can even photograph the food and other supplements to examine the vitality. The Kirlian photograph of seeds reveals the growth rate and vitality.


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