portrait photographyPortrait photography is one of the common forms of photography today.

With the introduction of digital cameras, everyone is taking great pictures of their family and friends. But majority of portraits end up with a poorly focused or exposed objects or subjects.

To become a successful photographer, you must be able to capture the characteristic of the person and reveal something about the subject without adding words to it.

Many have a doubt, how does a perfect portrait photo look like. The answer to this is “the superlative portrait will expose the warm skin tones and the focal points in the picture are the eyes”.

Eyes are the area in the face where you must focus accurately, if the focal point in the picture is eyes, the picture makes a remarkable appeal on the viewers.

Choosing the aperture F/8 and shooting from a distance of 3 feet gives wonderful portrait pictures. This combination brings all the facial parts into a proper exposure.

If you are choosing a career in portrait photography, the basic abilities of a photographer is to take good pictures of people especially their face, eyes and their facial expressions. But professional photographers can portray the subject’s personality in the photo and make the subject distinctive from the crowd of portrait photographs.

There are different patterns in portrait photography, but the most common is the studio portraits. Many beginners in portrait photographer prefer studio portraits as they can have complete control over the picture, subject and lighting.

The subject in the portrait can be literally anything, which include art form, paintings, nature, babies, children, adults, very older citizens etc. The key to have great portrait pictures is to have lot of patience and time. You must be ready to spend considerable time with the subject to get the right shot.

Portrait photography equipments: For a successful portrait pictures you need proper equipments such as a 35mm camera. Film cameras are preferred than digital cameras, because film cameras captures warmer skin tone rather than digital camera.

The next important attachment to your camera is lens; lenses of varying focal length 85mm to 135mm are preferred. The selection of lenses in this focal length range carries a reason- they permit the photographer to fill the frame from a quite reasonable distance and reduces perceptive distortion.

For having great pictures in indoors or outdoors, you need basic equipments such as:

  • Exposure meter( helps in calculating exposure)
  • Cable release (used to minimize camera movements)
  • Studio lights (to maintain proper lighting on the subject)
  • Reflector (for making the distorted light to bounce on the subject)

Many experts in the portrait photography say that “portrait photography is about shooting person, not the picture”.

Dealing with models: Many people feel scared in front of the camera, as a photographer it is your responsibility to make the atmosphere calm and pleasant. Always have patience and make the atmosphere you are shooting playful. This makes the atmosphere blossom and can yield great pictures.

Play some music, click shots while your model is reacting or enjoying to the music. This really makes some beautiful shots. Portrait photography is not something which you pose for, it should be natural and full of life.

Portrait is a relaxed subject; you need to shoot the originality in the character of subject.



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