Finding fashion photography tips is not really easy. Many people consider fashion photography as too commercial to be considered an art, but this isn’t quite the truth.

Fashion photography is all about presenting the beauty in an artistic way; therefore most of the biggest names in this branch are praised as geniuses.

Here are few fashion photography tips to help you, in case you want to be a fashion photographer.

A fashion photographer is never just a photographer; he is also a director, because he is the one that directs the performance of the models, the location, the atmosphere, the right colors and the accents on the images.

Organizing is a necessary issue you need to consider before starting. This is one of the fashion photography tips which comes under common sense, but nevertheless important.

Prepare anything and write a plan, even for the smallest details, it will help you to direct the entire process.

Creating a fashionable image is also a matter of taste, but don’t forget you need to shoot clothes or certain elements, part of the model’s beauty.

The best fashion images are those that accent on one certain thing. For instance, you desire a dramatic and a seductive look, than go for dark make-up, mysterious lightening and proper décor.

Contrast is also a good thing, especially when it comes to fashion images. If you are creating images for cosmetic lines, you need to get closer to the model as you try to put the accent on the lipstick or the make-up.

Don’t fall for stereotypical shoots; use your imagination to create something unusual, and take this advice as one of the most important fashion photography tips.

This is going to be your signature, so try different angles and create an array of effects. Avoid the “commercial look”, which typically contains only symmetrical faces, big lips and long hair.

Discover a different kind of beauty by changing the source of lightening and play with the shadows for this will increase the contrast and as a result you will have a different fashion image.

When shooting clothes, make sure their colors are matching the décor of the shooting set. Try to find the best of the model’s silhouette and seek new angles as an approach to an eccentric, but yet stylish fashion picture.

Posing is also part of the fashion photography and many experts are advising to find different poses that differ from what is currently modern.

The studio is usually the best place to create a fashion shoot, for it is very easy to control and change the lightening, as well as the décor.

Fashion photography tips will give you a basic idea about things, but you need to use a lot of your instinct also to capture the right image. Use a separate light meter, this will provide more accurate reading.

In case you are going to shoot in a natural environment, bring all your equipment, for it can be needed, in case the light isn’t enough or the image requires a technical correction.


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