Types of Traditional Photography

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In case you are thinking about types of traditional photography you should know that you also have to think about different kinds of films, because traditional photography equals film cameras. Most people think that there is only one kind of film, but the truth is that there is more to the matter than meets the eye.

Color Film


It is good to know about color film that it can record both hue and value and it comes in positive and negative. One of the most important characteristics is color balance. The two most important kinds of film are tungsten and daylight. The majority of the people use daylight film.

Black and White


The photographers looking for kinds of traditional photography should know about black and white film as well. This is sensitive for the most of the light spectrum and it can pick up some ultraviolet rays as well. The film is sensitive to blues so it could get over exposed.



When it comes to the types of traditional photography, it is good to know that infrared films come in black and white and color variations. If you use back and white film, you should know about special handling as well. It is said that the color film can pick up heat signatures.



If you are interested in traditional photography kinds, you shouldn’t forget about the chromogenic films. Although it is a black and white film, it is a kind of hybrid. This is because it has to be treated with color chemistry; black and white chemistry doesn’t work in this case.



This one of the different types of traditional photography is commonly used for graphs and it can record clear or black. As a result it offers high contrast. It is commonly used in case of alternative photographic processes because it is an inexpensive material.



Polaroid is a part of this variation of traditional photography. It is available in color and black and white. The advantage of instant films, just as the name suggests, is that there is no need for chemical treatment. In this case the camera works almost like a printer.

Although digital cameras can offer features that the different types of traditional photography could never offer, we have to admit that film cameras have something special about them that no digital camera, no matter how good, can ever replace.

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