right lensConcerts are usually crowded and chaotic occasions.

Whether you are a fan, reporter or just a collector you need to get the best pictures of the concert for printing, selling or to place in your photo album as proof.

It would be difficult to obtain front row seats to the concert and even if you did, you would most probably be too close to the stage to get a good view and ultimately a good picture. [Concert Photography]

Because concerts are so crowded, it will be hard to maneuver amongst the fans to get a good picture. Despite all these obstacles, a perfect picture may be obtained by choosing the right lens.

Choosing the right lens will enable you to take countless pictures from afar. It will also give you a high quality photograph despite bad lighting. Whether the concert is indoors or outside you must make sure you have the right lens to suit the respective occasion.

Should the concert be outside, you need a lens that does not specify the weather, it should be as flexible as you are and get the job done perfectly. This lens must also be able to capture movement without the blur because chances are there as lots of action takes place on stage.

The ‘penalty box’ is the best option for an indoor concert. It has a speedy lens with short tele f.l. It is also economic if used in conjunction with a non zoom lens which is also called a prime lens. Something with a low aperture is also recommended.

The size of the camera aperture hole controls the amount of light your photograph is exposed to. At an indoor concert the lighting is more often very poor or extremely bad.

In such cases a flash will only worsen the situation by adding more light to an already bright stage with blinding floodlights. In this case it is highly likely to get a white picture.

For fans the price of a good camera lens will be steep but for promoters, reporters and the like who use the pictures for profit, it would be an investment to purchase a good lens. The lens you purchase will depend mainly on how far from the performance you will be.

This distance between you and the stage may affect how much of the scenery you get. If you must obtain a better quality picture without going bankrupt then opt to use a regular lens with a monopod. This will cost much less than a fast lens.

Dark and blurry is the best method to take pictures at a concert. Never attempt to use a compact camera because it is a waste of time.

A great lens to utilize would be a Sigma DX70-200mm f/2.8 lens; it really zooms in and gets close to the action even if you are far away. Brightness is the key.

To achieve the best brightness a zoom glass will be required but the brighter it is, the more expensive it is. Utilise all the limited light you have to get the best out of this method.

Concert lighting is usually in patterns so find the light that works for you and take the photographs.


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