When it comes to taking panoramic photos, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t actually need any special type of camera or equipment.

You can create a panorama by taking photos with any type of camera, even disposables. This is because you can take several images and then stitch them together when you’re finished to create the panoramic view.

However, you might not be able to get them as nice and sharp as you want if you’re using a hand-held camera. If you want to get the best quality possible it’s a good idea to use an accessory to hold the camera in place.

A tripod will allow you to take the shots while rotating the camera and keeping it level at the same time. This also lets you take longer exposures to get a better focus and sharp photos.

A monopod can be used if you don’t have a tripod, but there’s chance of camera shake because you have to hold it.

If possible, lock the head of the tripod and make sure it doesn’t wobble. This will keep it level and steady. If you don’t use a tripod or can’t keep the camera steady and level, it could lead to some problems when you’re stitching the photos together. A spirit level can be used to make sure the head of the tripod is level.

If you’re taking photos with long exposures, it’s a good idea to use a remote release cable as this will reduce the chances of accidentally bumping the camera or tripod while taking the photos.

If you’re using a digital SLR camera with a mirror-lockup, the remote shutter release should minimize vibrations when shooting. A panoramic head can also be used on top of a tripod as it makes rotating the camera easier as many of them have click-stops as well as some type of spirit level.

If you use wide-angle lens, it means you won’t have to take as many photos to stitch together. An 8mm lens is usually the widest lens available as it can create a circular image that of about 180 degrees in all directions.

To stitch your photos together, you will find that there are various types of computer software available that will allow you to combine your set of photos to create a panoramic image.

Taking panoramic photos might seem like a lot of work, but the software makes the stitching relatively easy and the end results can be simply amazing.

Photo Credit: Bati Kart


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