Whether you’re taking a dramatic photograph of a man-eating crocodile in the Amazon Jungle or just a simple shot of your pet hamster in its cage, you are enjoying the wonderful world of animal photography.

Animals, like people, have their own personality traits and characteristics that you can try to capture on your digital camera. It often takes perseverance, patience, and an understanding of the animal’s behavior to get a perfect or interesting photo.

It also helps if you know how the animal may act or react as this will enable you to anticipate the right moment to press the camera’s button.

While taking a variety of photos of animals though, you will have to make sure you use common sense. Some animals may appear to be very cuddly and cute, but are actually pretty fierce creatures.

The opposite could also be true as some of the strangest and scariest looking animals may actually be among the friendliest and tamest.

Just remember, no matter how good a photo you think you can take, it’s never worth risking your life over it. Make sure that you stay a fair and safe distance away from animals that aren’t caged or on a leash as they can be very unpredictable and harmful in a matter of seconds.

You should never follow an animal into its home territory or pet a young animal when its mother is present, as mothers of young animals can be very protective of their young.

The best thing to do is to use a zoom lens, teleconverter, or telephoto lens as these will allow you to get a good close up shot from a pretty safe distance.

Take as many photos as you need as animals often make random movements and this will allow you to capture them. You might also want to use a fast shutter speed because of this as well.

Don’t forget the humans when taking animal photography as you can get some great shots of people interacting with the furry creatures.

You may also want to take some shots at different angles for more variance and interesting effects. Remember to turn all the digital camera’s sounds off if possible so you don’t frighten the animals away.

Remember that animals don’t generally speak English, so you won’t be able to tell them what to do or how to pose for the camera. Just be patient and let them act naturally and you should be happy with the results sooner or later.


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