still life photographyFor the amateur photographer, getting the exact effect you are trying to create can be a challenge.

Still life photography refers to close-up views of an object or objects, like a flower or bowl of fruit.

It is your objective to create the picture by the arrangement and lighting of the objects rather than just taking a picture.

Before attempting serious still life photography, experiment with the various settings on your camera first. Try to find the settings which produce effects that you like.

If you are a serious hobbyist, try using different lenses and vary distances from the objects you are photographing.

When photographing still objects in the outdoors, wind can be a problem because if objects move, blurring will result. The sunlight can present different challenges as well.

Try taking your photos at different times during the day and in different lighting conditions. Many master artists and photographers are famous for their studies in the use of light.

When trying to capture all the details of your subject, use the macro function on your camera. This will bring your subject into sharp relief.

If the effect you are looking for is to highlight one object, for example, an apple in a bowl of fruit, experiment with using features to slightly blur the background objects. Be patient and keep trying different settings until you achieve the effect you desire.

If reflected light or glare is a problem, you can purchase a polarization filter which will diffuse the light and remove glare. This is especially helpful in outdoor photography with water in the background.


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