Do you feel that black and white photographs stand out? Yes, some pictures look awesome in black and white, but don’t have nearly the same effect in color.

The reason is that some textures are not completely shown in color pictures, but show up perfectly in black and white pictures.

Why is black and white photography famous?

Black and white can even turn a fairly dull-looking color picture into a perfect black and white photograph.

This can bring life to a dull and boring color picture frame by adding contrast to the color picture and turning it into a black and white image. Most online photographic sites have almost the same ratio of black and white pictures as others.

Versatility: Black and white picture format can suit any type of photograph:  portrait, landscape, architecture, urban, etc. The variety and versatility the picture provides is awesome and can show many elements in one frame.

This can be adapted in low light conditions and still give you a great black and white picture. Color photography is difficult in harsh and low lighting conditions, but black and white pictures look great in harsh midday sun and mild cloudy days. The quality is up to the mark in both the situations.

Distractions: Did you ever observe that some color images blow out in particular areas? This is due to extra focusing or irregular distribution of lighting in the picture frame.

However, this is not seen in black and white pictures. These images can have control over the contrast and make the images look much better, even if the original picture frame has blown out at some portions of the image.

Tones: It is always challenging to merge different tones as one single tone; black and white may be boring as it hides the original colors and creates a grey tone.

Black and white photographic tips:

When shooting images in black and white, there are several photographic tips for making your photo shoot successful.

ISO: Always set the camera in lower ISO; if you want your black and white picture to look great. Shoot with the lowest ISO the camera provides you for adding more elegance to the pictures.

While low ISO setting is used mostly in color photographs, it is a false assumption that it can be used in black and white as well, as low ISO can give you noise (grained shots) less pictures.

Color: If your camera does not support black and white pictures, then click the images in color and translate them into black and white. This can be done easily with software, used for converting color pictures into black and white pictures.

Time for shooting the images: Choose the time you want to shoot black and white images. Black and white pictures look great in low contrast and high contrast too.

So, you can choose any day for clicking these images. If you are an apprentice in photography, make a gloomy, cloudy day your starting point to get best results.


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