An American corporation by the name of Go-Pro Inc developed and manufactured a range of high definition video recorders/ camcorders and brought new life to the world of photography. These high definition camcorders are used to shoot extreme actions scenes and get the perfect recordings. People all over the world are drooling over the Go-Pro cams to record their extreme vacations and other outdoor experiences of their lives. But it is extremely essential to get it right when using the Go-Pro camcorders. Many people have been making mistakes in the use of these devices and have hence not been able to take full advantage of it. tips for go-pro videography Here are a few tips for Go-Pro videography that lay out the basics to help every single Go-Pro owner out:

1. Create Momentum

While there is enough movement in the activities such as snowboarding or bike riding, there are certain activities which call for the videographer to create movement. For static events such as a band jamming session, a picnic etc. you must create some movement by say walking around the subjects or the vicinity of the event. This adds movement and gives flair to the video recording. Adding the sense of motion while using the GoPro cams can work wonders for any video recording.

2. Keep in Mind to Capture Unusual Angles

Focusing on unusual angles when recording an extreme activity can bring many layers to the video. Many photographers fail to take advantage of the Go-Pro’s ability to capture such angles and have comparatively less attractive videos. For example if shooting a jamming session, then mid scene focusing on the fingers of the guitarist may add an extra element to the video, and the Go-Pros are definitely made for it.

3. It is Smart to Invest in a Go-pro Mount

Many users of this device fail to attach enough importance to mounts and hence end up neglecting them. But in reality, it is always great to invest in a good mount that suits all you recording needs. Some of the best videographers swear by their poles, straps and mounts.

4. Battery Life is Important

The battery on most Go-Pro (s) is likely to run out if the individual is out on a shooting spree for the whole day. Thus grabbing every opportunity to save on battery life is important. One of the most easy and easily forgotten ways to save battery is turning the Wi-Fi option off. You can also carry multiple batteries in correspondence with your use requirements.

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