Humming bird photography is a great way to stimulate creativity in photography, particularly for beginner photographers.

If you are really interested in taking good pictures of humming bird, first of all you need enough patience and few helpful techniques.

Here are few tips and tricks that can hopefully help you to take amazing pictures of humming bird.

  1. When you are trying for a perfect shot while it is on a flower, in order to make them stay at that particular flower, spray or inject little sugar syrup on the flower.
  2. Hand beautiful and good smelling flowers planted in a pot near your birdfeeder to attract humming birds. If you notice that the beak of the bird is stuck in the feeder, take a shot immediately. The flash will draw attention of the bird, immediately snap again.
  3. Stand extremely erect and don’t disturb yourself or the bird by laughing or making noise. Making noise can distract the bird and they can fly away leaving your task incomplete.
  4. Hummingbird’s wings beat at least 80 times in a second, so for taking nice shots and to freeze the motion, camera with fast shutter speed will not be effective. You can use high speed electronic flashes for best results.
  5. Depending up on the brightness in the surroundings, you can usually need to use flash to enhance the background. Otherwise it is not essential to use flash while photographing humming birds.


  1. Hummingbirds are attractive creatures.I’ve always been fascinated with hummingbirds.I definitely love taking pictures of humming birds.It seems really hard to take pictures of humming birds.Great tips, which seem to be very helpful to take good pictures of them!

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