concert photographyMake sure that when you are planning on taking pictures at a concert, you request permission in advance from the necessary authorities.

Some may want to guard against piracy as you can take videos using your digital cameras.

Do not make it a public embarrassment when you are asked to move out in the middle of the concert.

You need the right camera if you want to take the best pictures for concerts.

Use a camera that you can easily change the ISO settings and the shutter speed. There is going to be a lot of movements so the shutter speed is very essential. For instance, if you need to capture movement, you need to use an adequately slow shutter speed.

Now you need to look at the technical settings of your camera. So you can shoot at relatively faster shutter speeds, you need to get lenses that are 50mm f2/8. With this lens you need to be very precise with your focal point.

Wait for the perfect moment using white light preferably. Then you will have a good quality picture that is going to take you back to that concert way after it has finished. All the right settings will not make sure that you will achieve great photos.

The right moments, are the ones that show some energy and when the singer is hitting his highest note. Or if you like the parts when he dances his famous dance then capture that. Just don’t shoot boring photos that you will get home and delete.

Your ISO level should be at 900 or 1600. But if you are in a good lit venue then you do need such high ISO levels. At least the lower the ISO levels, the less chances of noise.

Set your camera to shutter priority. The aperture will set itself automatically. Other options include aperture priority and manual.

Interchange between the two and see which one brings out the best picture using the available lighting. The manual setting is the one that allows you to set your own aperture and shutter speed.

This is a concert so everyone wants to be in the front but don’t force your way through. Ask politely to the people around you. Maybe they will give you that preference since you are taking pictures.

Or make a pact with others that you take the pictures and then share among yourselves after the show. If you put the right settings you won’t even need to be on front row to get the best output, you can enjoy the show and taking pictures of your favorite band.


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