Pre-wedding couple photoshoots are pretty much the norm these days, almost everywhere in the world but what are they really about? A lot of couples wonder whether they should or should not go for a pre-wedding photoshoot because they are a little unsure about how it may turn out to be.

There are many things in a photoshoot of this nature which one needs to decide such as the location, the clothes and who to call to click the pictures. If you too are among such people, then the following given information will help you be familiar with things to know about pre-wedding couple photoshoots:

things to know about pre-wedding couple photoshoots

  • A pre-wedding photo shoot is basically a shoot which captures the pre-wedding days, feelings and emotions of couples who are soon going to be tied in a knot. Such photo shoots not only help to sketch the love story of the couple in terms of photographs but also is an emerging trend which helps to create sweet memories of the golden days of a couple.
  • If you are wondering what locations work the best for such shoots then you must know that there is no fixed rule to determine the location. While most people prefer historical monuments and gardens for their photoshoots, there is no end to the kind of locations one can pick. Some creative pre-wedding couple photoshoot locations include iconic structures, views with greenery and mountains, beaches, busy city streets and even one of their houses.
  • When it comes to clothing, again, there is no thumb rule which determines the clothes that will work best. It is important to wear something in which one is comfortable and something which showcases their personality. Western, casual, modern and even traditional clothes look good but it is better to wear bright or pastel colors for a nice colorful shoot. It is a good idea to carry a few changes of clothes to change atleast once during the shoot.
  • The next thing to determine is the time of the shoot. Generally, early mornings work the best so that the distractions of people and harsh sunlight can be avoided. But even late afternoons or early evenings are good times for a pre-wedding couple photoshoot.
  • Pre-wedding couple photoshoots generally last for about 5 hours a day and the pricing varies from one photographer to another. Sometimes, you are also asked to give the extra cost for the location that you choose.

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