sports photographyUsing digital photography to capture sport events requires a bit more than technical knowledge from the photographer.

Knowing the game, the specifics, the speed of the movement and sports rules comes as a great helping hand.

Only this way the most important moments in a sports competition can be caught on camera and the photography mistakes can be avoided.

For this it is important to know that digital cameras with automatic control over exposure are destined for a certain type of photography.

If you have decided to take on sports digital photography, it is good to know that the camera you use needs to respond to the highest requirements. The sports topics involving very high speed, also involve the usage of an exposure correspondent to the speed in question.

For example, on the Monte Carlo track, a Formula 1 car has a very high speed and the exposure needs to be covered and set at the interval 1/125-1/250 seconds. In another word, if we choose a 1/160 exposure or higher, the car will look blurry.

If the camera is far from the car the exposure will become longer and vice versa. This is why, when taking pictures of the same subject with two objectives with different focusing power, there is the need for setting two different exposures.

An objective with long focus distancing, will capture the image at a large scale and a rectangular one will come with a shorter exposure.

As the objectives are concerned, they are mostly determined by the sport we are following. The best way to go is to have around a trans focusing objective, and calculate the luminosity considering a short exposure.

Taking pictures of a race car can be done in two ways: still camera or “tracking” photo.

Still camera picture is done with a fixed digital camera, and because of the great speed the car is moving at, the exposure time is very low and so is the diaphragm. This method allows the amplification of the motion effect but has as disadvantage the loss of the subject’s details which is not always the target.

The second method is the “tracking” photo, allowing you to display a clear object on a moving background. Through this method, you need to keep the moving object in the same position moving the camera to its direction. This way the capture will show a still subject and the background will appear in movement.

The best of the sports photography is usually given by the powerful effect resulted from the movement that turns a digital shot in the display of the exact second of performance.



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