A professional photographer knows that he needs to be prepared to create portraits anytime and anywhere. Therefore, if you are going to make a portrait and if you aren’t in the studio, it will be difficult, if you aren’t prepared.

Here are few tips how to create perfect portraits anywhere and mostly out of the studio. The first and the very important thing for taking a portrait picture is the light. There are lots of light sources you can use; even a simple household lamp will do, if it is positioned in the right place.

Many professionals are using the light-on-stand configurations; surpassingly you can make one by yourself. The portable flash setup is easy to create and the good news is – this is the only lightening rig that goes perfectly for all portrait pictures.

The items you will need are- light stand, umbrella adapter, brass stud, flash shoe adapter with 1/4”-20 thread hole, hot shoe to Pocket Wizard Adapter Cable, Pocket Wizard Transceiver Unit and umbrella.

The first step is to attach an umbrella adapter, as well as the flash shoe adapter, in case the umbrella doesn’t have one already attached. Place the stud into the top hole of the umbrella adapter and attach the hot shoe to the Pocket Wizard adapter. Plug in the flash into the Pocket Wizard unit and then simply slip in the umbrella.

Another important issue to consider is setting up the shot. The best portraits are typically created when the single light source is nearly 3ft from the subject as the position is in 45 degree angle to one side of the subject.

The background needs to be simple; because the portraits don’t need some extra effects like those from the light- so don’t add some patterns or distracting colors and shades. Dark colors have always been the best for the background, for they create an intellectual atmosphere, moreover they add a certain contrast, which put some dramatic ambient in your portrait.

The common mottle backdrops are also good idea. Many professionals are practicing something else, when it comes to the background of the portraits.

They simply add a spot of light as they are using a different flash unit. It is really interesting, because the light in the background is adding some depth of the portrait and moreover the background light is contrasting the main light. This way there is always a different and interesting light game, which is a bonus to all kind of portraits.


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