digital cameraYou can aimlessly search for the best camera to capture products in.

However, if you don’t know the correct features to look for in the camera you are seeking, chances are you can end up purchasing a camera that serves no justice for the task that lies ahead of you.

There are specific factors of the camera that you have to evaluate for making a sound decision on what camera will serve you justice.

You should evaluate the megapixels that the camera contains. If you are seeking a camera for products that you wish to post on the internet a camera containing 5 pixels will be more than you will need. However, if you want to print the pictures 8 more megapixels is the better choice.

The zoom function of the camera also serves a big purpose in product photography. Zoom can save you time and effort in having to compose or alter your shots.

A 3x optical zoom is perfect for a camera to capture products. The digital zoom feature that many cameras offer are simply a marketing feature, and should clearly be ignored.

The bigger the better is the truth behind the LCD screen of your camera. A screen that is around 2.5” all the way up to 3” will be perfect for you to view the pictures before you capture the image. Remember however, you may still need to utilize your computer to fix any indescrepencies.

Size does matter when it comes to product photography. A smaller camera for product photography will actually end up costing you more than a bigger version.

Plus the bigger cameras are a lot easier to fit on a camera tripod, which will help balance your camera and eliminate your chances of getting a glare in your photo.

Memory card access is mandatory for cameras that you wish to take pictures of products with. However it is recommended that you avoid any cameras that will not let you access your memory card when positioned on the tripod.

Your camera should have three important picture models. The models are Aperture Priority, Program, and Manual. Do not worry about night modes or modes that allow you to take sports shots. Since, you will be capturing still product images those modes will not serve you justice.

Having the correct software for your camera is pertinent to getting the pictures that you need. Software such as Adobe Photoshop is highly recommended.


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