Jewellery photography can be quite difficult as the items are typically very reflective and pretty small. It takes proper experience, lenses, cameras, and lighting to become an expert at it.

But there are a few simple techniques you can follow to achieve good results. You need to soften shadows, eliminate glare, and use clean and clutter-free backgrounds. Some of the main components of good jewellery photography are lighting, sharpness, and exposure.

To get sharp, crisp photos, it’s a good idea to put the camera in spot focus mode if you have one.

This will help you control what the camera is focused on, but it may still be hard for it to focus on small jewellery with auto focus. This makes it a good idea to switch to manual focus. You may want to use a tripod to help get a sharp image as well.

The lighting is important and diffuse or soft lighting generally works best in jewellery photography. A flash unit isn’t any good as it’s too bright from a close distance and will create distracting and harsh shadows.

A better option is continuous lighting such as daylight-balanced fluorescent bulbs. These can supply natural-colored light by giving off little heat. However, you may still want to diffuse the light preferably with a light tent to control the shadows and cut down on glare.

Just about all pieces of jewellery are unique in shape and it takes some experience to know how to best set up and light each item. If you happen to hire a professional photographer, you’ll also be paying for their experience.

This means they know exactly how to handle each piece of jewellery, such as styling it, lighting it, and getting the most detail out of their shots.

The best lenses to use in jewellery photography are those that are designed specifically for macro photography.

A good lens will be able to supply high contrast and sharper colours. The photos will be magnified and distortion free and the lens will allow you to increase the depth of field.

When it comes to what camera you use in jewellery photography, it shouldn’t matter too much, but if you can swing and tilt it this will allow you to have total control over the focus and perspective of the shots.

Taking good photos of jewelry might seem a little difficult at first, but you should soon get the hang of it with practice.


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