Photography has been a hobby and a line of profession for years. They have been used to preserve memories and generate artistic works of ideas and abstracts.

For professional photographers, the use of digital infrared photography has been a topic of interest as there are plenty who study the subject matter itself.

As photography slowly makes its way to newer generations of photographers, the evolution of digital infrared photography is far from over.

The general use of digital infrared photography is to add character and art to the photography itself by utilizing the infrared components that the camera captures and allowing the photographer to alter the picture. The term Wood Effect, a famous terminology in photography, was first discovered by Robert Wood.

The outcome of Wood Effect is visible in ways that the picture comes out in abstract ways, similar to those people imagine in psychedelic movies and films.

Depending on the photographer’s skill in digital infrared photography, there are different effects that can come from this technique. One may see that there is a distinct difference in shading and has absence of some of the colors.

Photography is such an interesting hobby that thousands flock to it every day. For those who are starting and are at the beginner’s level, it is probably a good idea to learn more about the different kinds of digital infrared photography categories available. Here are two of them:

1. The utilization of Colored Infrared in digital infrared photography. Remember when going for this, blue light has to be filtered to come up with the effect of digital infrared photography.

Experts say that keeping the other colors in the spectrum while blocking the blue light may produce sophisticated results in the outcome. Usually this can be achieved with the presence of yellow filters in the camera.

2. The utilization of Black and White digital infrared photography. Again, when doing infrared photography, it is important to keep the blue light from reaching the film otherwise the photograph looks like a normal one instead.

The use of black and white film would be a necessity for this. Remember that for this type of photograph it is important that there is a halation effect on it. This means that the photographer must be able to emboss highlights glow in the film.

In general, photographers use film type of cameras rather than DSLRs because of the over exposure digital cameras have on surroundings.

DSLRs are usually not the standard choice of photographers who take infrared photographs. When using them, photographers usually have the inlaid infrared blockers for them to be able to take infrared photos.

To learn more about digital infrared photography it would be best to collect materials and tutorials as not to confusing the user; especially if it is their first time.

Photography can be a bit confusing at first so it would be best to start learning it first. Reading materials such as photography magazines and articles is usually the best research material available for photographers today.


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