silhouette photographyThe Victorians loved silhouettes and their drawing rooms also had a great display of them.

The simplicity of a cameo broach can not be bettered and this can be achieved by using digital photography technique.

The base picture must be very simple to start off with, too many people or other objects in the frame will just not work.

In term of the light requirements, back lighting is perfect to capture the shape and size of your subject,

Achieving a strong contrast is key and a bright background works very well. The subject you choose must not be too intricate otherwise it will look too busy, too basic and it will be impossible to know what it actually is supposed to represent.

The whole concept involves the observer having to use a degree of imagination; it is also most secretive, and even comparable to a painting by a great master, open to interpretation and different points of view.

Imagine a beautiful sunset, a tree with its branches contrasting against the background or a figure with outstretched arms embracing the world around them.

Look for simple, easily recognizable outlines such as ladders and other everyday objects. Experiments with different shapes, digital photography means that you can take your time to learn what you like and how you can achieve it.

Have fun and start to look for subjects that will work well as a silhouette. The world will suddenly look very differently, full of form and detail with endless possibilities to use your camera.



  1. I love Silhouettes; there’s a mystique quality about them.Awesome post!I will have to give a try at silhouette photography.

  2. this is one of the amazing silhouette image i hav come across..its vry beautiful..a strong subject,prefect light n a great capture!

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