high speed photographyThere is more to photography than capturing the funniest moments in a growing toddler or the most beautiful sites at a family vacation.

The art of high speed photography is now much popular and sorted after by not only professional photographers or physicians but by anyone who is curious enough to want to capture very fast movements like the exploding of a water melon or a water balloon or even the breaking of a wine glass.

High speed photography can be explained as the art of capturing very fast movements or happenings which we cannot see with the naked eye.

One might actually think it involves a whole lot of special equipment and special cameras but all it really takes is just your own home camera and a little home made electronics and you have very special photographic effects.

The first thing to remember is that the setting has to be in a completely dark room, this way no light enters the lens to hit the sensor or film. Unlike ordinary photos, there is no need for exposure time as this is provided for by the flashlight duration.

Now in order to make sure that one takes the exact capture there is a need to synchronize the flash with the action that one has to take. This can be easily done by using sound if it’s the burst of a balloon one wants to capture.

Another idea would be to connect some sort of a switch which would trigger the flashlight as soon as the action takes place.

The next step would be to try and stay within the best performance on the lens

And this is easily done by either zooming or moving the camera tripod until one gets the desired framing.

Do remember to lock the focus in place otherwise the camera will try to focus when the lights are switched off. When everything is in place one can be guaranteed to take the best high speed photos in their own living room or bedroom without having to spend lots of money on professionals.

This just comes to show how easy it can be to make yourself into a professional photographer without having to spend years sitting behind a desk and chair for it.

To achieve satisfactory result it is best not to take only one shot but to take different ones at different angles so as to have a variety to choose from. The key points to remember are lighting, exposure, frame and focus and with these one can capture the most beautiful and unique high speed photographs.


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