Aerial photos give a completely new perspective to the subject of photos. It makes one look differently at the same mundane objects.

It has been widely used in the real estate field to enhance the pictorial look of a building or estate area. Aerial photography has been an important commercial skill and is now being widely used to please aesthetic senses too.


Aerial photographs are being used to give messages or even create awareness about causes. They can be used for pure fun and personal pleasure too.

Sometimes aerial photographs can be the only way certain places or objects can be well expressed. Also it is easier to spot patterns when one is high above.

The panoramic view that unfolds in front is exhilarating and one may easily find something they were not looking for.


These photographs can be taken from high skyscrapers, from an airplane and a helicopter (popular choice for commercial photography) too.


If you would like to experiment with this style of photography, a digital camera would come in really handy. Not only can one see the image immediately but also take multiple photographs in rapid succession to capture the image required.

With a digital camera you will know if you have been able to capture the image you wanted to. Do remember to set the camera lens zoom to infinity for the perfect aerial photographs.


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