street photographyThe greatest and best moments are those moments we do not anticipate, moments that occur when we are hardly aware, when cameras are too far or in locked cardboards.

Street photographers are in constant search of such moments, the unexpected and one can be surprised what comes out of such crafts. A subject, a situation, a scene may present itself all they have to have is the presence of mind to capture it when it does.

To be a good street photographer, one has to have certain qualities that enable you to identify that moment when it presents itself. Street photography is all about observing people, their actions and juxtapositions.

Thus there is need for one to have a very observant nature and anticipate moments before they happen. Likewise it is not easy to get the best shot when you have a very heavy camera with all sorts of things to connect, remember these moments are stolen and thus it only takes a few seconds and the moment or the scene is gone.

Traveling light is a must as there is need for flexibility of both the mind and the hands. Street photography is not formal thus there is no need to be all formal, experiment with different angles to achieve different effects.

It is also necessary to remember that one does not achieve perfectionism in a day; it takes a lot of time and patience. Practice makes perfect, the more you do it the most likely you are going to get closer to being perfect.

Not all people take kindly to being photographed by strangers so there is bound to be some hick ups here and there but it is highly recommendable to be part of the scene one is about to take. Make the people aware of your presence and sometimes the results can be shockingly good.

Like every other profession, photography comes with a set of rules but with street photography one is given the chance to break these rules here and there and we all admit breaking rules really can be fun. [professional photographers]

Taking direct shots into the sun is usually a no-no but in this particular case it can produce good photographic effects. The essence of good street photography comes with a good choice of location.

Choose a place where people interact and with activity so as to capture the unexpected. The best moments in life are usually those that often go unnoticed and with nothing to show for them, but that can easily change.



  1. What a fantastic lesson on street photography.Thanks so much for the great information. I’m sure it will help a lot of newcomers like me get really interested in street photography!

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