cute puppy shotTaking pictures of a puppy is very similar to having a toddler as a subject, although once a young dog gets tired it will simply fall asleep, no tears here.

By its nature, the puppy will be very playful so toys will be required to utilize that, and avoid you and your camera becoming the attraction.

Don’t over load the dog have a variety of different things that it can play with.

A favorite toy is obvious but maybe a totally new object might create a lot more curiosity. The latter will add a lot more to your pictures as the animal starts to have fun with its discovery.

The secret here is to take plenty of shots, which is why a digital camera is such an advantage. You are unlikely to get any sort of posed picture but you never know if you snap away and it is likely that at least a couple of times the puppy looked your way.

Always have your camera to hand, as your puppy will often get up to something that would make a great picture. How many of these are missed because the camera is lying in a cupboard somewhere.

One thing to be aware of especially when taking close ups, is red eye effect. So make sure the settings on your own particular camera are at the best possible for that situation. After that just go with the flow, your puppy will soon be filling your walls, as there will be lots of cute pictures to choose from.


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