The idea of time lapse photography is to automatically set your camera so it will take photographs at specific time intervals. For example, you may want to set it so it takes a photo every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or every hour etc.time-lapse

Some people like to experiment with time lapse photography and then play back the images at a fast rate of speed as it creates the illusion of the time passing by quickly.

You’ll often see examples of this type of photography on television as it’s commonly used to show traffic situations, the construction of a building, or the setting up of a concert stage, etc.

The time lapse method is also pretty popular for cloud movement, sunsets and other types of nature shots.

While people with film cameras can take this type of photography, it’s definitely easier to achieve with a digital camera. This is because many digital cameras can use software to control the camera and allow you to the time intervals for the photos.

After taking the images, you can organize them into a movie file. You can also create time lapse movies by removing frames from a regular video camera. However, still digital cameras will provide higher resolution images for high definition movies.


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