Street photography is becoming a huge trend in the digital photo world. The candid photo shoot is the live example of how outstanding talent can shoot the beauty of the every day reality and transform it into the most accurate display of life captured inside a digital frame.


The right tool for the task can be a 70-200 mm mid-zoom lens. It is smart enough to capture nuances of motion and allows you to interact and visualize the story of the street.

People respond to attention, so in order to make them let you photograph their expression, you need to interact. Smile and you will get a smile back. Also focus on their actions rather than their faces.

Amazing compositions may present themselves in the form of two lovers kissing, a child pointing at a dove in the square, or an old couple smiling on a bench.


Candid photo shoots are meant to capture the life as it is. If a quiet camera with an LCD display would let you show your subject the result of your shot, a positive attitude and an eye trained for details will allow you to capture the memorable small things that make street photography unique.

Make sure you prepare the spot, and scout before the photo session. It will give you hints about the light and the best time of the day to capture a masterpiece.


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