The main problem that most people encounter when they are dealing with white background photography is that they don’t know what kind of materials should be used to create the background. It is very hard to get a perfectly white background set up in your studio because sometimes the picture does not turn out like you had imagined.

You need to research what kind of materials can create a real, pure white background before you start snapping pictures in your home studio.

The Constant Struggle with White Background Photography

Most people who are interested in white background photography usually think that the backdrop is the important part in the entire process.

The main problem they will run into when they are searching through different backgroundsis that there isn’t one type of background that is actually better than the others.

The real problem with having a white background in your photos is that the light reflects off of that kind of background in a less than favorable manner.

The source of the light for your photo is what you are actually going to want to change because the background really has no effect on the picture. You may need to change the lightwhenever you have a white background because the light will reflect off of the white background in a way that messes up the entire photo.

Anyone who is going to try and shoot a few photos with a white backdrop is going to need to learn about different lighting arrangements that may work for them.

How to properly shoot white background photography?

The main problem that people run into when they are trying to do some white background photography is that their subject turns out to be a lot brighter than the background in the picture. This is because the light is usually much closer to the subject than the background. It doesn’t show up as much with other backgrounds because you can’t really see the difference with colors that are not white.

If you don’t want your pictures to turn out poorly with a white background then you need to make sure that you are using the right kind of lighting. Lighting is really everything when it comes to taking professional photographs, so you need to make sure that you have the right setup for your studio. Anyone who is going to take photos with a white background needs to know that they will need some extra light on that white backdrop.

Setting up your lights correctly with a white backdrop

When you are setting up your lights for white background photography, you should try to make sure that the white background is getting a majority of the light. You still need to put some light on the person in the photo, but more light needs to be on the background to make sure that you are getting the right color background that you wanted. You should have no trouble with shooting pictures with a white background when you set up your lights in the correct way.


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