The term street photography is new to most people, but it basically just refers to taking photographs in public places. This includes parks, streets, beaches public events, and malls etc. They’re generally photos that deal with everyday life situations instead of being a commercial type of photography.

You’ll find numerous interesting street photography books and magazines on the market. In some ways, street photography is a bit similar to photojournalism as it will often capture a specific human moment.

However, there’s usually no social and/or historical significance behind the photos other than the interest of the photographer.

Prime examples of street photography include a couple kissing goodbye at a train station and children playing in a park. The images aren’t usually about the actual people in the photo, but are more concerned with what they’re doing at the time.

In street photography you may also find some interesting events and things going on in the background of the pictures that you didn’t notice when taking them.

For example, you may have taken a photo of two dogs playing in a park and then notice their owners arguing in the background.

You’ll find that digital cameras are great for taking street photography as they allow you to take hundreds of photos a day with no concerns for film.

One of the best things about this type of photography is that you can take photos of anything at all that interests you. You’ll also find a lot of photo blogs and websites on the internet that feature street photography.

Photo Credit: rawheadrex


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