Sports photography often called as a subset of photojournalism. The main object in the sports photography is to capture the action of the sporting event.

An avid sports photographer should be addictive towards the game because if the photographer does not have interest in the game, he may miss the ideal shot in the match and click a useless shot.

In the world of game lovers, your pictures will go around if you click the right shot at the right moment.

Sports Photography

Sports photography comes under the most disheartening types of photography, because the slightest mistake will ruin the photo. The main thing to remember is the best shot is always one and you should not miss that shot.

Sports photography shooting tips:

Know your subject: Before shooting good picture in sports photography, you must know the game basics such as whom you are shooting, what you are shooting, and where you should concentrate etc.

For e.g., if you are shooting sports in a kids’ school, adjust the tripod to the exact position to make the object equal to your eye level. You should be aware of the player’s position in the game to identify the correct shot.

Taking good pictures need good equipment: You need to possess perfect photographic accessories. Advanced single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras have plenty of features, which support perfect sports photographs.

The equipment used in the sports photography includes fast telescope, which has the fastest shutter speed of 8FPS or even faster. Fast shutter speed helps the photographer to take many photos in fraction of seconds, which helps to have great shots. Make sure that you do not miss many photos adjusting your shutter. Many companies make ideal sports photography cameras, but experts use canon 1D-series and Nikon D3.

The lenses used in sports photography vary from other lenses; the sports photography raises the use of long lenses. The wide aperture lens are used in the photography and these are very important for many reasons

  • The background of the player must be out of focus for better isolation.
  • Faster shutter speed is necessary for the faster freeze of action.

Aperture is usually f/2.8 or even faster. The most common lenses used for the sports photography is 70-200mm f/2.8, 300mm f/2.8 and 400mm f/2.8.

For freezing the perfect shot, you need perfect shutter speed, long lenses and aperture. See that your sports camera possesses these basic needs. Do not forget a tripod for shake free photos.

Do not distract: You never know which shot makes you the best sports photographer. Always concentrate on the object and the subject you are shooting. Do not just go on clicking the shots, click the shots from viewer’s side and click picture, which they love to see. Never click the sportsmen without the frame in which he is playing and always prefer close-up shots when aiming a single person.

Lighting conditions: Always check for proper lighting conditions. The stadiums have perfect lighting setup and often provide perfect lighting for the photographer to click the perfect shots. But make sure that you stand in a position where you can capture only subject and head away with the subject’s shadow.

These tips will surely work and yield wonderful shots. Many say that to flourish in sports photography, you need to have timing.


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