Portrait photography is one of the most popular types in the world. Here are a few tips you might like to try out.

1. Keep things simple

Keep the scene simple. This means the foregrounds and backgrounds should be uncluttered. Work with a natural light source when possible and if you need to use any artificial light use as few as possible.

2. Set the shot up first

Set up the scene as much as you can before your subject gets there. If the session is taking place in a studio have the camera set and ready to go and have the lighting ready.

When shooting outdoors on location, make sure you have the spot picked out where you’re going to take the shots.

Make sure you’ve adjusted the camera’s settings and take a few test photos. If everything’s ready to go when the subject arrives they’ll be fresh and ready to go.

3. Shoot into the light source

Shooting with back lighting can create more depth, colour, and interest in a photo, especially when outdoors. However, make sure you use a lens hood on the camera to cut out any glare and also use a fill flash.

4. Shoot just below the subject’s eye line

If you take the shots from just below the subject’s eye line it can often make them look quite flattering. Try it if the person is sitting or standing and set the lighting just below them instead of above.


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